Nature Club

RidgePointe’s Nature Club is aimed at adults 60+.
Meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of each month.
 1:30PM in Marion Hall in the East Building ~ 12600 Marion Lane.
The RidgePointe Nature Club for Adults 60+ is the first of its kind in all of North America!  Last year, RidgePointe received the Green Innovator Award for 2014 from the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA).  Our goal as a club is to better understand our relationship with nature and the role we play in the health of that relationship.  Health goes both ways!  We gain many health benefits (mentally, physically, vocationally, and spiritually) from interacting with a healthy, sustainable environment.  We also contribute to that environment’s health with our actions (or inactions).  RidgePointe’s Nature Club assists Adults 60 + to seek out ways to engage with Nature Based Activities in especially five different ways: Green Exercise, Gardening, Animal Assisted Interventions, Aroma Therapy and Educational Opportunities.
Outside Guests are welcome to come and join us for our meetings.
Nature Club Meeting


 See the Monthly Calendar for details of each meeting.

 Contact Sam Mohr at 952-540-6212 for more information
about upcoming topics that will be covered in 2016-2017!



RidgePointe Phenology Trail
Minnesota Naturalist, Larry Wades:  The Old Naturalist Website:

The Sounds of RidgePointe Posting:
This new initiative is an important part of the RidgePointe Culture of Learning and Wellness with a focus on Nature Based Activities (NBA).