Events Open to the Public


RidgePointe is an active Independent Senior Community.  Many of our events and lectures are open to the public.  Please join us for any of RidgePointe’s informative and fun activities listed below.

“Creating Vital Aging Communities”
Guest Speaker:  Bob Ramsey
Tuesday, February 24th
10:00AM ~ Marion Hall

Bob Ramsey’s personal experiences and his belief in the power of community are what led him to write a book entitled “Creating Vital Aging Communities”.  Bob seeks to encourage senior citizens to re-define what it means to be old.  In his presentation, he offers specific examples and action steps for successful aging.  For example, Ramsey encourages seniors to set goals, volunteer, cultivate an active lifestyle, keep learning and stay connected.  Come hear about this and much more in this positive motivational presentation.

Nature Club Meeting
 “The Story Behind the Revival of Trumpeter Swans in Minnesota”
Guest Speaker:  Carrol Henderson form the MN DNR

Wednesday, February 25th
1:30PM ~ Marion Hall

Trumpeter swans had long disappeared from Minnesota, when Carrol Henderson arrived in 1986 with a suitcase full of swan eggs.  He had traveled to Alaska to collect the eggs, then used hot water bottles to warm them on the trip home to Minnesota.  Come hear the intimate story of how Carrol accomplished this wonderful natural feat.

Critical Thinking Group
Great Decisions Lecture
Nature Club

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